Kidnapping Karisma by Tuesday Morrigan

Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs Series

Changeling Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-891-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Successful owner and designer of a popular lingerie line, Karisma ‘Kitty’ Knowles figures her life is just about perfect as she nears thirty.  Kitty wouldn’t mind someone special if possible though, one being the operative word, not the four guys who want Kitty as their mate.

The Kanakis pack consists of Aleka, Bailey, Malik and Jae otherwise known as a phoenix, a werewolf, a panther and a dragon.  All four men are convinced that Kitty is their chosen and fated mate who will complete the pack.

Kitty has dated each of the men individually and feels something special each time but she doesn’t want to mate with all four especially when Aleka tells her she will need to give up her business and become a housewife to them all.  That’s when Kitty decides to take an offer from Rookery Cove to design exclusively for them and to her way of thinking leave that pesky Kanakis pack behind. But Kitty may just have underestimated the four men who love her above all others!

Kidnapping Karisma is the latest addition to the consistently wonderful Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs series.  Sizzling hot, light-hearted and yet intelligent characters best describes Kidnapping Karisma.  No matter how many hurdles Kitty puts in their path, the totally hot Kanakis pack won’t give up.  Author Tuesday Morrigan supplies her characters with wit, style and solid sexual appeal.  Kidnapping Karisma is seriously fun!


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