Keeping Time by Jamie Craig

Amber Heat

Contemporary Romance     

ISBN: 978-1-60272-111-1

Reviewed by Lisa



In the beginning, they communicated on an Internet message board about the band Decrepit Moon and then moved on to sending emails to each other followed by phone calls, finding common ground easily from politics to personalities. Finally, the two decided to meet in person.

A success in her field of PR work, Ana Seger is a gorgeous thirty-eight-year-old divorced woman.  Ana knows that Ben Scalia is a math professor, a self-proclaimed geek, but she didnít realize that the hot guy she meets for the first time is only twenty-two years old.

Ben doesnít have a problem with the age difference. All that matters to him is the instant attraction and stimulating conversations. Ana, however, is totally freaked out by the age thing.  Now itís up to Ben to convince Ana that love is what matters, not numbers.

Keeping Time is a smart May-December romance with a lovely twist: the guy is significantly younger than the lady.  Clever dialogue and sizzling hot sex with solid secondary characters puts Keeping Time at the top!


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