Kama by Brit Blaise

Cave Creek Cowboy

Amber Heat

Contemporary / Cowboys

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-160-9

Reviewed by Cassie



Kyle Hansen goes to his friendís house because Ray needs his help with something.  Heís astonished when he gets to Rayís house and finds his ex, who is the mother of his child, is there to put on a demonstration of some of the positions of the Kama Sutra.  Heís even more shocked when he discovers that they want him to help her with the demonstration.  The last thing he wants to do is simulate sex with the woman he once loved more than anything.

Juel Kelly has never gotten over losing Kyle.  Having to show sexual positions to two of Kyleís friends with Kyle as a partner is definitely not her idea of fun.  Theyíre both turned on right away by what they are doing.  Will their renewed attraction lead them back to love, or to heartbreak once again?

Kama is one of those books I really wanted to like but couldnít get into.  Kyle, a cowboy who had recently experienced some family upheaval and had a rough childhood, was a sympathetic character.  I also sympathized with Juel, who in a refreshing twist was eleven years older than Kyle. Their story of love found again was nicely done.  The only problem I had with Kama (and itís unfortunately a biggie) is that it felt rushed and not fully fleshed-out.  While the story stood on itís own and made sense, I felt like I was missing huge parts of Kyleís past because I hadnít read the other Cave Creek Cowboy stories.  Also, there was not enough about what Juel and Kyleís relationship had been like in the past for me to feel entirely comfortable with how quickly they jumped back into sex with each other.  In my opinion, anyone who likes cowboys and is interested in this series should start with the first one in order to get the familyís back story. 


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