Jazzy Little Christmas by Nica Berry

Loose Id

M/M, Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-598-2

Reviewed by Raine



In a fairly public break-up, singing star Javier breaks up with his long time lover Gerry, a pianist, via email. Javier was Gerry’s muse. With the loss of his muse, Gerry finds himself unable to compose, play or live. Christmas Eve three years later finds Gerry in such a depression a walk on the beach almost becomes fatal. Luckily lifeguard Paz witnesses Gerry blindly wandering the pier and saves the beautiful man he met once, so long ago. But can Paz also find a way to heal this incredible musician’s heart and soul?

Jazzy Little Christmas had the makings of an incredible love story. I loved the plot and the characters were well developed for a mini story. However, I felt that Gerry and Paz’s story ended abruptly. I would have liked to see some more interaction between these main characters once the main conflict was solved. Jazzy Little Christmas is a “…happily ever after story” and while it was good, I just wanted more.


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