Jackson's Pride by Lynn Lorenz

In the Company of Men, Book 2

M/M Historical

Loose Id

ISBN: 978-1-59632-681-1

Reviewed by Ley



Beaten, strip naked and left to die tied to a tree, Will never expected anyone to come save him, and never expected his savior to steal his heart.  If truth were known, Will was halfway in love from the moment Jackson held his battered and weary body in his arms.  In the short time they spent together in an abandoned goat herderís hut while Jackson nursed him back to health, Will knew he belonged to this gentle giant.

Jackson knew Will was from noble birth without having to ask him.  Everything about him was out of Jacksonís league.  Having nothing to offer someone of Willís nobility, Jackson allowed his pride to prevent him for having a future with Will. 

Leaving the man he loved safely behind Jackson set out to answer his fatherís call to come to Baymore Castle.  This being the first time his father, the Duke of Baymore, has ever summoned him.  Jackson holds out little hope that it is to acknowledge him as his son, therefore giving him what he needs to return to Will as more than a bastard son and a killer for hire.

Jacksonís Pride, the second book in Lynn Lorenzís In The Company of Men series, follows along the lines of the first installment.  Jackson was first introduced to us in Mercenary Tales and I love that his story picks up where his character ended in the prior book.  Will and Jackson both are very strong characters; I like them but wished they had more tender moments together.  I also would have liked it if a minor character was spared.  I was shocked by his death because I had a strong belief he would be around for awhile.  Aside from that Jacksonís Pride is a great read. I enjoyed it and I hope Ms. Lorenz have more stories planned for this series. 

Warning:  Jacksonís Pride contains male rape and strong violence.


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