Intimate Destruction by Destiny Blaine


Contemporary, BDSM

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Anya has a life that many women covet, a successful husband, children and the “freedom” to engage in sex with couples like Julian and Katrina.  She and her husband have been swingers for years, but Anya’s world is turned upside down by Julian.  Her one night with him leaves her craving for more.  Anya breaks the rules by looking for Julian.  When she finds him, she learns he is a Dom and to enter his world she must submit everything to him.  For Anya, there is no turning back which means that her entire life and future are at stake.

I’ve noticed there is an audience hungry for stories featuring older women and younger men.  Well, I say it’s been overdue for writers to step on the stereotypes left behind from The Graduate.   Julian is no victim; every inch of him is all man.  Anya is no calculating temptress, but a lonely, sensual woman trying her best to hold it all together.  Intimate Destruction offers an older woman/younger man in a BDSM scenario that is loaded with intrigue and risk.  There’s the familiar theme of consensual adultery and betrayal.  Julian’s power, sexiness and intensity tease the imagination.  Ms. Blaine’s writing keeps it going with edgy sexual tension and lurking deception.  I wondered if Anya was misguided by lust in seeking fulfillment with a stranger. 

The ending had a few snags in how Anya’s husband is dealt with.  It felt a bit clichéd.  The overall thread weaving through the story is whether or not we are prepared to face the consequences of our choices.  For Anya, it was worth it because she hadn’t been happy in a very long time.  In general, Intimate Destruction does a decent job of May/December madness between Anya and Julian which does make it worth the read.


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