Interstitial by Ann Somerville

Samhain Publishing

Fantasy Sci-Fi (M/M)

ISBN: 1-59998-938-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Seb is not looking forward to this three-week run where he is going to be forced to spend untold hours in a small space with North or spend more energy than he has avoiding the man.  Because, bottom line, sleeping with North while he is still hung up on his ex-husband is a bad idea, especially the night before leaving on such a long run.

North is having a really awful time sitting next to Seb, the man he has lusted after for such a long time, and knows that the encounter that they shared meant nothing to him while it meant the world to North.  So North is taking his revenge by being sarcastic and condescending at any chance he gets.

Jatila is angry with life, but most especially with North for dumping her when she thought their relationship had potential to become more.  Not only does he dump her, but North does it because all this time, he has been interested in someone else.  And when Jatila finds out who had North’s interest, she is ready to blow a gasket.

However, this complicated triangle of unrequited love gets more complicated when they are attacked. The stakes get higher and sacrifices need to be made.  Will they survive to keep sniping at each other?  Or will they fall under the attack of the hostile aliens?

Interstitial is a wonderful sci-fi read with its witty characters who are full of self-deprecating thoughts while they snipe at each other mercilessly. This is not your traditional romance.  The chemistry and banter between Seb, North, and Jatila is a lot of fun and it keeps the pace of the book fast and smooth.  Also, Ann Somerville skillfully peppers the narrative with revealing flashbacks to explain the character’s reactions and attitudes while injecting humor through it all. It should be noted that the end of this book leaves it open for the exploration of the relationships we see the seeds of in Interstitial.  I thoroughly enjoyed Interstitial from start to finish as it takes a path often avoided in traditional romance novels – that of the rocky beginning of a relationship, and making the journey interesting and emotionally powerful through the use of the violent alien attack.  The ending will leave you wishing that story hadn’t stopped so soon and hoping Ann Somerville brings them back!  When you are in the mood for a well-written sci-fi novel with characters who will engage you from their first appearance on the page, pick up Interstitial. You will be very glad you did!


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