Hyacinth Club by BA Tortuga

Torquere Press

Historical M/M Romance

ISBN: 1-933389-24-9

Reviewed by Lisa



In the glorious Victorian age, it is expected that gentlemen belong to a private club.  One such gentlemenís club is the Hyacinth Club run smoothly by Devlin, Lord Mountbanc.  Of course each club has their own particular style and the Hyacinth Club is no different.  This establishment caters to gentlemen who prefer the sexual company of other gentlemen.

At the Hyacinth Club such diverse men as an Earl from Scotland and a long, lean Texan or a big, burly country Squire and an inexperienced actor find wonderful partnerships.  Games of submission and domination become exquisite undertakings for some of the other members of the club.  The Hyacinth Club is the perfect establishment for men to be exactly whom they most desire to be.

The Hyacinth Club is scorching hot M/M romance from beginning to end. Some readers may not enjoy every couple, but there is pretty much something for everyone including light BDSM, a threesome and so much more.  Talented author BA Tortuga once again showcases superb writing talent with intriguing characters and inventive sexual situations.  Before you start reading Hyacinth Club make sure thereís plenty of ice or you might just go up in flames.  Daring and provocative, Hyacinth Club is seriously hot!


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