Hunted Down by Treva Harte

Alpha Series, Halloween Treat

Loose ID

M/M Shapeshifter Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-074-1

Reviewed by Ley



Beta Dunne would do anything for Hunt, the Alpha of his pack, even if he were not happy with the task Hunt asks of him.  However, Hunt has gone too far with his latest task and Dunne feels it may be time to move on, until Hunt shows him otherwise, making this Halloween night one to remember.

Having not read any of the prior books in the Alpha Series Iím certain Iím not getting a real feel of Dunne and Hunt, so my feelings on this short interlude are mixed.  I liked the character of Dunne.  Heís tough but emotional especially where Hunt is concerned.  Hunt on the other hand comes across as uncaring, but he and Dunne are hot together in an animalistic way.  There are references not involving Dunne and Hunt, and although not explicit were a bit more animalistic than I would like to think about.  Hunted Down is good, but I strongly suggest reading the prior books in the series for character familiarity.  I also will be taking my own advice.  Hunted Down planted a seed of curiosity regarding the prior books in the Alpha Series.


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