Release Date: May 27, 2008


His Dark and Dangerous Ways by Edith Layton

Historical Romance


ISBN: 978-0-06-125363-8

Reviewer: Melissa



Simon Atwood, Lord Granger, is hunting a spy when he meets the charming dance teacher Jane Chatham. Jane knows that due to his rank, Simon is beyond her reach, but that doesnít stop her from falling for him. Simon is a man haunted by his past war time imprisonment and even as Jane is drawn into his dangerous game, she knows there is no future in her love for Simon. Now as the specter of his past stalks him, can they both discover the identity of the villain before he manages to rid himself of them?

I quickly fell in love with Simon and Jane and I honestly didnít guess the identity of the villain until the end. Full of suspense His Dark and Dangerous Ways makes for an emotional read. Iíve been reading historical romances written by Edith Layton for years and I have to say that I never stop loving her books.


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