Release Date: July 1, 2008


Her One Desire by Kimberly Killion


Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-1-4201-0442-4

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lizbeth Ives is the daughter of the Lord High Executioner for the Tower of London.  Her entire life has been spent trying to alleviate some of the pain her father has caused prisoners.  When she interrupts him beating an innocent man, she thinks of nothing but setting the man free.  A lot of good it does her, he refuses to help her so she does the only thing she can think of to get him to agree to take her with him when he escapes.  She shackles them together. 

Broderick Maxwell is a Scottish spy.  His capture and subsequent beating at the hand’s of Lizbeth’s father enrages him to no end; especially since a fellow clansman has died.  When he is rescued by a seemingly angelic angel of mercy Broderick thinks his luck is changing.  But one click of his shackles changes his mind and he has no choice but to take Lizbeth with him.  Pretty soon he won’t need shackles to bind her to him.  His heart will do that for him.

Let me be the first to state that Broderick Maxwell is allowed to shackle this reviewer AT ANY TIME.  His Scottish burr and hedonistic good looks just tripped my trigger and I adored his character.  His protection of Lizbeth on their escape to the Scottish Highlands just melted my heart and made me pant.  Lizbeth was a perfect heroine to Broderick’s hero.  She was resourceful, loyal, and with a seemingly innocent air about her quickly wrapped Broderick around her fingers.  Just what is needed in a historical romance.

Kimberly Killion has impressed me with Her One Desire.  I loved the timing of the events in this novel as they unfolded.  It had just the right touch of suspense and sensual love scenes.  There wasn’t anything in it that I would change. Well, other than the female lead’s name to Talia Ricci. *wink*

Full of romance, Scottish warriors, and intrigue –  Her One Desire releases from Zebra in July.  My copy is already pre-ordered!


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