Grigori In Blood by DJ Manly

Wolf Saga, Book 3

eXtasy Books

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55487-037-0

Reviewed by Lisa



Enlisting the help and muscle of Grigori, a vampire leader, some of his vampires, and another werewolf pack, Anton Ross has returned home to aid his grandson Nicholas in his fight against the Lang family.

At one time Grigori and Anton were lovers, but now each considers the other a good friend.  Along with his men, Grigori has brought a prisoner named Wade who is a Damphir, born of a human mother and a vampire sire.  Wade has been raised by vampire hunters and despises Grigori, but for some reason, the two men are unable to kill the other even though there have been many chances.

The lines have been drawn in this feud between the Ross werewolves and the Lang men, and now vampires and another pack are involved in this fight for the people of Middletown.  The secrets these men hold are starting to choke them.  This battle cannot continue forever and now it is time for choices to be fulfilled that will last a lifetime or mean certain death.

The grand finale of the Wolf Sagas brings all the hot and dominant characters together with Grigori In Blood in a blazing climax.  I truly enjoyed the interaction between all of these guys, their passion, warmth, and desires.  I only wish that more had been done with the city and people they were saving, more detail.  Author D.J. Manly does a wonderful job tying together all of these alpha men and treating readers to a satisfying ending.


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