Gone To the Dogs by Marianne Stephens

Cerridwen Press

Contemporary Romance 

ISBN: 9781419914881

Reviewed by Tanya



Katie reluctantly moves from NYC to Kansas, to live with her Aunt and put her career back on track.  It is suddenly off track as a result of her former fiancé who not only stole her biggest account, but dumped her for the boss' daughter.  Now she is in Kansas in a life that she is starting to think resembles The Wizard of Oz with all the wicked witches, mysterious happenings, and the fact that she is working for a company called Yipsey Dipsey, marketing a beverage called Whoopsie.

Oh, and if things are not bad enough, her first night she sprains her ankle, bangs up her shoulder,  takes her aunt's dog to the vet, and the vet thinks she is homeless.  I almost forgot: she also manages to throw up down the back of hunky fireman Mike who is only trying to help her upstairs.  Things have to get better.  One thing is for sure, though, she will do whatever it takes to: one, resist hunky fireman Mike, unless it is to use him for a one night stand  (no new relationships for her),  and two, she will make this beverage a success no matter what mysterious thing happens or danger befalls her.  She is a successful marketing executive and will prove it, or at least die trying.

While I think Katie was a little hard on Mike in Gone to the Dogs, that didn’t stop me from running right out to see what else Ms. Stephens has written and hording a few of the stories.  The subterfuge that went along with this story must have taken a while for the author to put together, but it all fits together -- from being pushed into the dip, to “dognapping.”  Ms. Stephens does a great job making the story fit, and throwing in a lot of romance that will make you laugh and smile.  Additionally, you will see how Katie really figures out where her strength and desires live.  Kudos to a fun story, Ms. Stephens. I thoroughly enjoyed Gone to the Dogs and think you will also.


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