Glory by Ali Katz

Amber Heat

Contemporary Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60272-282-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Glorianna Scalisi has one love, one freedom, in her life:  The Dance.  For her, there is only ballet and her duty to the Scalisi family.   Everything changes when Connor Finn, dubbed Quicksilver by the press for his liquid grace and gorgeous coloring, wanders into the picture.   The pair train as dance partners, and are unable to fight their instant attraction. They soon become lovers.  Still, Glory cannot escape her secrets and the supernatural ties that control her existence.   She can only enjoy this brief interlude with Connor and pray that one day she will be free to love, to dance and to live with him.  

Glory is a sweet, whimsical tale with an underlying contemporary darkness.  The story slowly unwinds measure by measure until all you can do is “ooh” and “ah” at each revelation.  Connor is an assertive, talented man and a perfect balance for Glory’s vulnerability and passion.  Both characters share a strength and courage that shines through Ms. Katz’s writing.  They face all the ugliness of the world with admirable perseverance, and being artists, they are not strangers to pain and hardship.  The sex scenes are combustible while leaving you with the feeling that Glory and Connor are truly connected mentally and emotionally to one another. 

I would have enjoyed seeing more of Glory’s father, Damiano, because whenever he makes an appearance he is remarkable.   Of course, too much of him would have been a bit of a distraction, too.  The Scalisi family brings a sinister tone by displaying the uglier aspects of human nature.  However, by the end of Glory, we are also shown that human beings can redeem their actions and choices through noble acts, kindness and love.


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