Fulfillment by Kimberly Zant

New Concepts Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60394-139-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Carly Nelson and her best friend Christian come up with a plan for her to get pregnant with little fuss.  The company rule about employees not dating would not be an issue because no one would see them together.  After too many drinks, Chris forgets to impart an important piece of information to Carly.  She ends up in bed with sexy, top shelf alpha male, Nick Mueller.   It would be an ideal situation if Nick wasnít their boss!  Things get stickier as Nick tries to figure out what is going on.  Carly and Chris are caught in the middle and time is running out.

Will Carly fulfill her desire to become a mom?  Will she and Chris both lose their jobs once Nick learns the truth?  And will there be a HEA for Carly and Nick in the midst of all the chaos?

I was dying to know, which means I could not stop reading Fulfillment.  I wasnít certain where the story was headed because Ms. Zant is brilliant at pacing and delivery.  You donít know whatís going on until she allows you to.  There is no bait and switch except for the circumstances that the characters find themselves in.  Carly and Chris are total BFFL, and are so believable that you know that youíve seen them somewhere before.  Nick is a no-nonsense type which is why it was difficult to believe that he wasnít more ticked off when he finds out what has happened.    But considering the description of the searing hot sex he has with Carly, I can see why he was so malleable; good loving will sometimes do that to a man.  In a romance story, it is de rigueur.

Fulfillment is funny and sassy.  The plot moves along smoothly and has enough twists that you wonít encounter a dull moment.  Carly and Nick are sometimes vulnerable and awkward which makes them likeable.  Chris is comic relief and devoted to Carly.   This story has elements of passion gone awry (in a good way), friendship and quirk.  I recommend it to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance with loads of hijinks.


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