For Love and Country by Mary Winter

Samhain Publishing

M/M Historical Vampire Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-862-3

Reviewed by Ley



In time of war, Union Soldier Emil Franks is on a political mission to find soldiers and ships to help defeat the Confederates.  His mission leads him to the ship Commerce de Souverain and its captain Basile Gagnon, Emilís ex-lover.

Vampire Basile Gagnon has walked the earth for two hundred years. Heís watched many people heís come to care about die over the years.  He vowed never to love another mortal until Emil. 

Not the same man he was five years ago when he last saw Basile, things in Emilís life have changed drastically.  Will these changes make a difference to Basile?

For Love and Country is very interesting.  Mary Winter has intertwined history with fantasy and romance to create a story with a very unique scenario.  Emil is now just as immortal as Basile, but that information, as shocking as it is, did not make their union an easy one. The two had a lot to work out before they could rekindle the love they once had. For Love and Country put love against patriotism and forces the heroes to decide which means more.  Readers looking for a story with a unique storyline and strong characters For Love and Country may foot the bill.


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