Finale in Blood by Madeleine Oh

Adventures in Blood, Book 5

Changeling Press

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-926-2

Reviewed by Lisa



The crew spend their time combing Zadde’s business records, searching for clues as to Gelda’s identity.  Ferda made a promise and intends to keep it before the ship reaches Praeden.

Now that the bounty hunters consider Rand dead, the vampire has some breathing room as it were thanks to his human Kalid who intends to stay for the time being.  Ferda has a decision to make regarding her future -- whether to remain on Praeden with her extended family permanently, or continue flying through the stars with her hot vampire lover Drake.  Vampires have all the time in the world, but humans do not, so the choice better be the right one.

Finale in Blood concludes the popular series featuring hot and sexy vampires paired with their human donors.  This is a fun, sensuous look at life amongst the stars with adventures and carnal encounters galore.  A light and tasty feast for the eyes to enjoy!


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