Fanning Her Flames by Lacey Thorn

Island Guardians, Book 2

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal, Ménage a trois or more

ISBN: 9781419910555

Reviewed by:  Vivian


Farrah is the Guardian of Fire and of the age to be claimed.  When she finds out who wants to claim her, she runs away to find the Guardian of Earth.  During her travel she encounters the three Donan brothers. 

Marcus, Alexi and Bannen Donan lost their mate by sticking to the rules of their land.  They are not going to let Farrah get away.  They will claim her and let nothing stand in their way.  Even the men that Farrah is running from who want to claim her for themselves.

Fanning Her Flames is the second book in the Island Guardian series.  Farrah is just learning about her power of calling the flames.  When she meets the Donan brothers, she doesn’t want to be claimed, but because of the rules in this land, she has no choice but to go with them.  Their first time together – she is expected to perform sexually with all three of them – she is an inexperienced virgin, and things don’t go as well as the men had hoped.  Once the brothers realize the error of their ways, they go about keeping Farrah happy and strengthening their bond.  Fanning Her Flames has several hot ménage scenes, but still leaves the reader with the feeling that the men really care about her.  I enjoyed Fanning Her Flames and can’t wait for the next one in the series.


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