Every Time You Go Away by Eve Asbury

Alinar Publishing

Western Historical Romance

ISBN:  978-1-906023-50-8

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lady Moyra Dunford has a plan and she knows exactly whom she needs to make this plan work: the American.  Moyra knows that she is not really a catch, but she aims to make up for her shortcomings in other ways.  Moyra figures that if she has to get married, then she would much rather be the one to make the choice, than have to marry her odious guardian at the end of the season.  Summoning up the courage to approach the American at a society ball, Moyra watches him leave the ballroom. Slipping out of the ballroom unnoticed, Moyra finds the American and slowly walks towards him.  No matter what, she has to convince him to ruin her reputation, marry her, and take her to America. 

Gaétan Leflur knew the exact minute the woman left the ballroom to join him on the balcony, he just is not sure why.  Gaétan has come to England to find a proper wife.  He made a promise to a dying friend and he intends to follow it through. Moreover, it will look good for his investors.  Gaétan just did not realize how hard it would be for him to find a woman that he wanted to marry, or rather, a woman that English society would allow him to marry.  That is, until she is standing before him.  Deciding that she is probably just another curious society miss wanting to be nosy about his Indian heritage, Gaétan is rude enough to send her scurrying away.  She stands firm and wants to know how she can be added to Gaétan’s list of potential brides.  The woman verbalizes her assets as well as her plan to get away from her perverted guardian.  Gaétan can tell that it is taking every bit of her courage to talk to him and so he listens to her proposition.

Moyra leaves the ball and all she can think about is whether Gaétan will agree.  Her answer comes the next day.  Both parties come to an agreeable solution.  Let the compromising begin!

Every Time You Go Away by Eve Asbury is a poignant novel that moved me. Feeling the despair and fear within Moyra, I was ecstatic beyond belief when Gaétan was so kind and patient with her.  I rooted for this heroine unlike any I have read before.  I found Moyra refreshing and could feel the love she felt for. I could picture her wanting to make this country her own. Gaétan was a bit tougher to love.  Emotionally scarred and extremely vulnerable at times, Gaétan was afraid to get close to anyone, including Moyra.  I found myself wanting to scream at him one minute and hug him the next.  When he could resist Moyra no longer, it was a sight to behold and I was content.

Every Time You Go Away by Eve Asbury was emotionally charged, romantic, and worked for me.  I love how Ms. Asbury combined elements that couples deal with today and worked them into the story.  For a sweet, poignant love story about romance, not being forced but being allowed to take its time, Every Time You Go Away is the read for you! It satisfied my romantic mind and left me with a great feeling of a story well told.


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