Enslaving Heaven by Michelle Houston


Gay, Lesbian

ISBN 978-1-59426-871-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Captain Lyssa and her best friend and pilot, Nita, are conducting business on DV65 when they decide to pass time in the market square.  There’s a slave auction in full swing, and while the space-pirate duo find it distasteful, they know that DV65 is a mining colony haven for criminals and worse. 

Lyssa spots submissive Ayla on the slave block and cannot resist the impulse to buy her.  Nita isn’t pleased.  Lyssa deserves to be happy, but she can’t quite squelch her resentment and the heartache of her own loss.

Will Lyssa wake up and smell the manure she’s planted her best pal in before it’s to late?  Or will she be too busy wallowing in self-pity while getting her carnal jollies with Ayla?

Nipple clamps, whips and strap-ons, oh my!  Enslaving Heaven heats up the F/F sex mixed with BDSM fun, and offers a futuristic setting and interesting characters.  From the start, I knew that Lyssa and Nita were tight and had been through a lot together. Ms. Houston does a nice job of balancing their relationship, by letting you see how they interact and react.  By the end of the story, Lyssa is forced to change once she realizes how unfair she is being to Nita.   Their friendship is important to this story.

Ayla might appear to be a victim, but if you’re familiar with the dynamic of dom-sub interactions, you know who’s really in control.  I would not be surprised to see Lyssa sweating and trembling just thinking about her new “toy” while Ayla keeps on getting everything she wants from her Mistress.

Enslaving Heaven flows without too much detail clutter.  Ms. Houston does a fine job of placing each character in the spotlight, while threading in a subtle subplot of intrigue.  It leaves room for another installment featuring Lyssa, Nita and Ayla, and anyone reading this story will look forward to learning more about these strong, fascinating women and their world.


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