Eagle of Air, Scorpion of Fire by BA Tortuga

Bareback Angels

Torquere Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60370-192-1

Reviewed by Lisa



For many centuries Silvestri has survived on this Earth, adding his child Katharine, who was made hundreds of years ago, but now Silvestri feels it is time for Katharine to have a mate and form a permanent bond of her own.

At one time Jared Aquino was one of Katharine’s pets and lived for her touch or her domination.  But Jared left without Katharine’s consent and now he’s back, years later having learned many hard lessons. He has come back to be her equal.

Jared has many surprises for the woman he has never forgotten and he knows it will be an uphill battle to win the prickly Katharine as his own because she doesn’t want a mate beneath, above, or most especially beside her.

Eagle of Air, Scorpion of Fire is hot and heavy enough to steam up any room in the house!  Seduction is the name of this game with one hopeful lover and one very reluctant femme fatale.  This is a sexy and fun love story with wit and bite.


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