Dream Lover by Topaz Jordyn

Amira Press

Paranormal, Vampire Erotica, Multicultural

ISBN: 978-1-934475- 72-0

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Prince Devlin, warrior and heir to the Vampire Society, commands the Omega Force Fleet.  He and his men have a duty to protect their people and humans from their enemies, the Shadow Dwellers.  However, he cannot avoid his upcoming marriage to Princess Tankura.  Itís coincidental that she happens to be luscious.  As far as Devlin is concerned, she is a complete stranger.  Going against his fatherís orders, Devlin spies on Tankura and invades her dreams.  This only whets his appetite for her, and brings confusion to his future bride who is torn between her duty and the hot male in her fantasies.  When the two are finally united, the force of their attraction and desire for one another is nuclear.  Add to the mix two very strong personalities, scheming rivals, and a touch of danger and itís a recipe for hot sex and loads of angst.

I could tell from the first chapter of Dream Lover how much Ms. Jordynís work was influenced by J.R. Wardís Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire series.   In fact, I found myself dissecting Dream Lover and making observations about how much the characters and plot have in common with Ms. Wardís series.  I am not suggesting that Ms. Jordyn got all her ideas from Ms. Ward, but there are many similarities.  This was a bit distracting at first.  The series has potential but it lacks originality and uses sex to carry the storyline.   Tankura and Devlin donít have a lot of character development outside their good looks, status and fierce bedroom antics.  There are many tried and true devices that have been used; still the importance is all in the delivery and freshness.  Unfortunately, Dream Lover lacked innovation and the vampires were often too human for my taste.  

The book concluded with a cliffhanger which will continue into the next installment.   Sadly, I donít feel excited or interested in the prospect of reading the next book.  No amount of slick dialogue, fights and scorching sexual acrobatics offered here succeeded in charging my batteries.  The point is that a reader should always be left wanting more by an author, and Dream Lover failed in that regard. 


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