Drastic Measures by Shiloh Walker

Ellora’s Cave

Erotica/Happy for Now

ISBN: 9781419916236

Reviewed by Tanya



After four years, Ethan knows he will need to go to the extreme to get close to Pam.  He knows that her fiancé is a no good man who doesn’t appreciate what he has.  Ethan know this mostly because, he really appreciates her.  Now time is running out. As Pam’s wedding is approaching and Ethan makes his last-ditch and extreme move in blackmail.

Pam thinks she has finally found the one, but she is plagued by erotic dreams of his partner.  Now she is confronted by the man she loves and is shocked into taking some extreme action.  But, will she be better off in the end?

Drastic Measures is a super hot, fast paced, erotic journey.  I loved how Ethan used blackmail to get what he wants but that the consequence is that others learn lessons they need to and will be better for it.  Additionally, the sensual scenes that Ms. Walker has written will make you need to fan yourself while reading.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Drastic Measures that Ethan went to before it was too late.  Perfect summer read, and then you can hide your need for a fan by blaming it on the weather.


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