Dragoness by Annmarie Ortega

New Concepts Publishing

Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Lisa



Their village is protected by the man who turns into a dragon when danger comes.  Each year the singe maids take part in the Scale Ceremony where one maid will spend the night with the current dragon, the arrogant Randolph.  All maids must take part even if they donít wish to be a part of the ceremony.

Gabriella and Jason will soon announce their intention to wed, but first Ella must participate once more in the Scale Ceremony.  They both pray to the fates that Ella will not have to endure a night with the insufferable Randolph who has lusted after her for years.  Their future together lies firmly in the hands of fate.

Dragoness is a fairy tale for grownups with lessons to learn, unquenchable lust, and the love of a lifetime.  Between a little-remembered prophesy and accepting what fate deals the lovers, Ella and Jason are enduring characters.  Charming at times and sizzling hot at others, Dragoness is a once upon a time for big girls.


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