Release Date: October 2007


Do You Believe in Magic by Ann Macela

Magic Series, book 2

Medallion Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: (10) 1932815430  (13) 781932815436

Reviewed by Amelia



Someone is hacking into the computers at Francie Stevens’s company. And they’ve tracked the hacker to her home computer. Francie knows she’s not the one doing it, but she has no idea who is.

Clay Morgan is a wizard with computers. The magic practitioner uses his skills to manipulate the computers and make them do whatever he wants. He knows the hacker is the boyfriend of Francie’s best friend. And, he’s figured out a perfect way to trap him. Clay will act as Francie’s boyfriend to get close to him.

Francie, isn’t sure about Clay’s plan. She’s been badly hurt by men in the past, and she doesn’t trust them. But Clay seems nice enough. Until he brings up magic, and something called soul mates. When that happens, all bets are off.

Do You Believe in Magic is a sweet paranormal tale about learning to love again, and learning to trust your heart.  Francie hid her true self, and it took Clay’s love and understanding to bring her out, and to help her learn to live again. Lovers of sweet romances will enjoy this tale of magic and love.


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