Demon Moon by Meljean Brook

The Guardians, Book 4

Berkley Sensation

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-0-425-21576-0

Reviewed by Jo



Saviti (Savi) Murray has let her curiosity get her in trouble before but now it just might help her save a planeload of people.  Savi knows that the best thing would be for her to get some outside help, and she sends out a computer message to the one person that might be able to arrange that, even if she doesnítí really like the guy all the time.  Even with the promise of help, Savi also prepares a plan B because if she is going to go down Ė itís going to be with a fight.

Colin Ames-Beaumont is a vampire, but because of how he was changed, not what you would call ordinary by any means.  Colin has lived for two hundred years and anyone can still tell he was an aristocrat during his life.  Not really interested in helping the vampire community rebuild itself, when Savi reaches out for help, Colin doesnít lose a second in replying.

The nightmare flight is the beginning of Savi and Colin learning not only that demons and Wyrmwolves are escaping but they are also targeting them.  With the help of the Guardians and the vampire community, both Savi and Colin fight to destroy the demon and Nosferatu out to gain access to the one place that could bring them power.  Along the way, Savi and Colin learn that itís useless to fight their attraction and passion, however they have both been exposed to unusual circumstances in their lives.  When faced with only problems, can Colinís determination and Saviís extreme intelligence help them discover the way for them to have forever together?

Demon Moon deals with Colin and Saviís highly complex lives and just how they found a way to be together for eternity.  Colin has been just going day by day until he meets Savi and then when she is placed in danger, Colin knows that he will risk it all to save her.  Savi is highly intelligent and has a greatly developed curiosity that has gotten her in trouble before.  When Savi and Colin are thrust together the swipes they take at each other reveal the passion and wants they have felt from the beginning.  I felt the passion, love and needs they felt for the other and wondered with them if there was possibly a way.  The special care Colin and Savi took for each other was heartwarming.  Demon Moon is a highly complex book that deals with several plot themes all at once.  While it is not a fast read, I found it to be a highly gripping one and well worth the time Ė especially with the ending Colin and Savi receive.  Paranormal lovers will find Demon Moon as a must read and will probably get wrapped up in the Guardianís series if they have not been reading it.


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