Release Date: May 1, 2008


Dark Master by Tawny Taylor


Erotic Vampire/BDSM

ISBN: 978-0-7582-2677-8

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Regan Roslund is dismayed to find out that all of her money is gone.  It seems that her trusted financial advisor has left her with nothing.  Because of this, Regan has no choice but to assume responsibility for the bondage store that her aunt left her.  It is while she is trying to get her store up and running that Regan runs across a choker that fascinates her so much she can’t help but place it against her neck.  As that happens, a gorgeous man suddenly appears and mesmerizes Regan to the point that she pretty much will do whatever he says.  The fact that his dominate nature appeals to her hidden submissive nature helps.  The only damper on their raucous affair? Regan’s new lover is a vampire king and seemingly without a choice, she is his chosen queen and they both are in danger of being murdered.

Shadow Sorenson is the newly appointed king.  He knows his life is in danger and that his hold on his subject is tenuous at best.  Finding Regan and knowing that she is his destined queen helps because Shadow thinks that with a spouse his life will no longer be in danger.  Adding in the fact that Regan is a submissive makes things even better.  If only she were a bit more cooperative, but no worries thinks Shadow.  He’ll teach her the proper respect for his masterful seduction.

Shadow’s dark mastery of Regan was quite stimulating.  His total need for dominance noteworthy.  His disrespect? Not so much.  I wanted to like Shadow and I did until one scene in which he went from the Dom of my dreams to a complete disappointment. He wanted Regan’s full submission.  Most of the time he had it but as a reader, punishment in the form of sexual disrespect just does not float my boat.  Had he whipped her with a chain I wouldn’t have disliked him as much.  Regan’s character was stubborn and independent which seemed like a surprise since she was a rich girl at the beginning of the book but to me that is minor.  I wish I could have been more in tune with her feelings and emotions. Those were kept tight to her chest and I never actually believed that she cared for Shadow until the very last scene. 

Dark Master is my first foray into Tawny Taylor’s world.  I like how Dark Master was written.  There weren’t too many point of views and the scene changes flowed smoothly.  The premise and plot of Dark Master was believable and realistic.  I found myself unable to stop reading, even when upset at Shadow, until the very end and while I didn’t like Shadow’s actions in the one scene of Dark Master, as a whole I found the entire book quite a good read.  It was hard core, dark, and full of bondage and if this is any indication of Ms. Taylor’s writing style, I will be happy to read further novels penned by her. 


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