Danteís Salvation by Anna Leigh Keaton

Cobblestone Press

Erotic Vampire Romance

ISBN 978-1-60088-234-0

Reviewed by Nannette



Dante Rainaldi hates that he is a vampire. He has even tried to kill himself several times. On the day of another failed attempt, he bumps into Wendy Schumacher and his life is changed forever.  Itís Wendyís birthday and she bumps into Dante on the street as she is storming away from her friend who dumped her for a guy. Wendy ends up at a coffee shop alone. Dante eventually finds Wendy and strikes up a conversation with her. Wendy doesnít know why a handsome guy like Dante would be attracted to her but she is thrilled. As Dante and Wendy get closer, Dante discovers that someone is slaying other vampires. He knows he must tell Wendy what he is but he is hesitant. When Wendyís life is threatened he has no choice. He may lose her now, but will it be from his deceit or a killer? 

Dante is a sexy and charming man but kind of a wimpy vampire. Iíve never read a story about a vampire disgusted by being one. It was definitely interesting. Wendy is very sweet, shy, and vulnerable. Her sister and her supposed best friend treat her badly and when Dante seems to betray her, I really felt bad for her. Danteís Salvation is a pretty good story with action, romance, and hot sex.


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