Dalton's Temptation by Kelli A. Wilkins

Amber Allure

Erotic Fantasy

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-019-0 (Electronic)

Reviewed by Vicki



Dalton is married to the King’s beautiful daughter, and while he loves her deeply, it is rumored that he married her for her dowry.   Dalton is sent to keep Allan, the Prince, out of trouble at a palace known to have free and uninhibited sexual practices. Forthis he must leave his new bride at home. 

Elara is angry that Dalton will not take her along, so she sneaks her way into some trunks. When she is caught, she convinces her brother to sneak her into the palace so that she can test Dalton's fidelity.  Elara just hopes that she can live with the answer.

I found Dalton's Temptation to be an enigma. I wished that the author had explained where this all took place. What is it exactly that Dalton and Elara Prince and Princess of?  That said I did enjoy some of Dalton's antics after he found out who his serving girl was, but before she knew what he was up to.


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