Cowboy Up by Mary Winter

Ellora’s Cave

M/M Contemporary

SBN: 9781419915512

Reviewed by Ley



Rock Brennan is determined to put the past behind him and not let the rumors and gossip that plague him on the rodeo circuit define his future.  Now training with the United States Equestrian Team, Rock is focusing his energy on reigning and winning the North American Cup.  Arriving at training camp, Rock knows that to win the Cup and prove he is still a good horseman, he has to keep a strong head on his shoulders.  However, after meeting his sexy roommate, dressage rider Andreas Thorpe, it may be more difficult to keep it in his pants.

Andreas is among the top in the sport of dressage riding.  He’s refined, focus and determined, but he sees nothing wrong with enjoying a no strings attached fling with a hot, gorgeous cowboy.  Andreas has always been in control of every aspect of his life and falling in love with Rock was not part of his plans.

There were some good things about Cowboy Up that I like, but the story overall seemed to be missing something.  Rock and Andreas were from two different worlds.  Rock is a Midwest cowboy and Andreas is an upper crust Easterner. They never really seemed to click to me.  Rock and Andreas do share some passionate and tender moments but the author Mary Winters failed to convince me that Rock and Andreas’ relationship will last past the ‘happy for now’ ending.  Although, Cowboy Up didn’t totally captivate me, I still found it to be worth reading and I think others reading might find it to their liking.


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