Cory’s Salvation by Shara Azod

Red Rose Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60435-129-3

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Stephanie Lewis is the new housekeeper for Cory Booker and his father.  On the run from an abusive ex, she doesn’t trust easily nor does she let down her guard.  She can’t afford to – she has someone innocent to protect. 

Cory Booker is an ex rodeo cowboy turned rancher.  Never one to want a woman for more than one night at a time, he is somewhat taken aback by his feelings for his new housekeeper.  The fact that he senses she is hiding something keeps him on his toes and ever watchful.  He knows without a doubt that she is in trouble and vows to himself that she will be safe – in his arms.

Stephanie was a classic case of abuse. Made to feel worthless for years, she was striving to become more independent even while trying her best to stay hidden.  Her trust in men was non-existent, and I loved watching Cory change her mind and begin to make her believe in forever. 

Slow paced at times, Cory’s Salvation was a good read.  I found myself often getting so immersed in the story that I forgot where I was.  Cory and Stephanie’s story is timeless, and while at first I didn’t think Cory was hero material, my mind quickly changed.  Cory’s Salvation tugged at my heart strings with its romance and sensuality.  I will definitely read another book by this author.


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