Color My Heart by Red Garnier

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60504-041-7

Reviewed by:  Vivian



Hannah Myers, an artist by vocation, portrait painter by profession, has had too many rotten relationships.  When she finds her latest boyfriend cheating on her, that was it for her.  As she sits in her hallway crying, a gorgeous man asks if he can help her.

Billy Hendricks discovers that his attraction to Hannah is not just a summer fling.  He wants more.  But Hannah is not ready to be hurt again, so she tries to get Billy out of her system by getting busy with a hunky neighbor.

Color My Heart has some interesting sex scenes with very unusual usages of paintbrushes.  I wasn’t very happy with Hannah’s need to find another man, but I understood it was part of her journey of self-discovery.  Billy is definitely a great guy and really cares for Hannah.  This was a fun quick read and Color My Heart will add a little color to a dreary day.


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