Closer by Ally Blue

Bay City Paranormal Investigation, Book 4

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 1-59998-948-4

Reviewed by Sabella



Bo and Sam are finally having some time to themselves, without the distractions of work and Boís children while spending two weeks at a beach house.  So far, things couldnít be going better between them, but when Bo calls the office and invites the team to stay with them while they investigate an old fort, Sam is less then pleased.  But what makes things really difficult for Sam is Boís inability to stay out of the investigation.

As the team -- including Sam and Bo -- start their investigation of Fort Medina, Bo begins to have strange episodes, changes in his personality and an inexplicable draw to the fort.  Meanwhile, Sam is at a loss on how to deal with Bo. Are the changes he sees in Bo real or just his paranoia talking?  Still, Sam canít let his relationship with Bo disintegrate without a battle.

Ally Blue does it again!  Closer brings back the great characters of the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series with a mystery that sneaks up on Sam and Bo, as well as the reader.  This installment brings a closer look at how Bo and Sam are coping to life as a couple with all the intrusions of real life and of their fears involving the portals.  As usual, Sam and Bo are hot enough to singe your fingers while reading and the mystery scary enough to make you keep all the lights on while you read.  Ally Blue did a wonderful job keeping the suspense and tension high while offering steamy, sexy moments between the men, giving the reader a chance to catch their breath.  Get yourself Closer and catch up with the boys!

Note that this is the fourth book of the series and while it can be read as a stand alone, you might miss some of the undercurrents between the main characters and references to past events.


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