Clasping Position by J.M. Snyder

Positions of Love, Book III

Amber Allure

Erotic Paranormal Romance

ISBN 978-1-60272-205-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Itís Valentineís Day and Vic Braunson and his lover Matt diLorenzo are going out to dinner to celebrate, after they make love at home.  Whenever they have sex, Matt gives Vic superpowers.  They never know what might spark afterwards. After their nice romantic dinner Vic discovers that the sparks always igniting between them are a little more obvious to others now!

Mattís one liners at the end of Clasping Position are really funny. He says them while touching and rubbing Vic which makes them sexy too. Vicís powers get funnier and funnier. He doesnít seem to be a big fan of them but Matt always finds them amusing. Clasping Position is a hot story, both sexually and literally! 


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