Clandestine Desire by Lyndi Lamont

Amber Quill Press - Allure


Fantasy, M/M

ISBN 978-1-60272-230-9

Reviewed by Raine



Berhin is summoned to the Ziganese embassy and given the assignment to travel through space to a planet thought desolate to convince space raider Ludosh to turn himself in. Berhin is given an excellent pilot and mediator to bring the job to successful completion.

At first site Berhin lusts for Tai, the mediator assigned to the mission, but takes issue with the fact Tai is a civilian, does not take sides nor carries any sort of weapon. Berhin is sure he will end up not only watching out for his own life, but Taiís as well. When Tai offers a space at his place for Berhin to sleep until they are to leave on assignment, Berhin accepts and things quickly heat up between the two.

The blossoming relationship between these men is amazing, and just when they find each other a life altering choice must be made. Clandestine Desire is the start of what promises to be an adventure in life and love for these two men. Lyndi Lamont did an incredible job of creating another worldly reading experience, and Iíll be anxiously awaiting the next segment to release to see what happens and where it leads Berhin and Tai.


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