Celebration for the Dead by Lauren Dane

Witches Knot, Book 5

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419915819

Reviewed by Jo



Melanie (Minx) Rodriguez is a vampire hunter.  She has also been a vampire victim and prefers being the hunter.  Right now as she heads to her family home in Mexico for El Dia de los Muertos, Minx is hoping to come up against an Oathbreaker (a bad vampire). 

Everyone believes that vampires are not afraid of anything, but Connor Bell, an Oathkeeper (a good vampire), knows that is wrong.  Conner found out that love can and did scare him into running.  He is coming back now and hoping to make Minx listen to why he ran and to give them another chance.  Conner finds yet another reason to be scared when he learns that Minx is gone and left alone.

Minx barely gets to her destination and Conner shows up with other hunters.  Not sure how she feels about this, Minx finally agrees to give Conner and their love another chance.  While planning her celebration for the dead, Minx and Conner learn of the Oathbreaker nest in Mexico.  Knowing it is their job to take care of, plans are made, but will Conner and Minx be strong enough to make it out alive?

Celebration of the Dead brings in the wonderful celebration Mexico has for the dead and combines it with vampire hunters, Oathkeepers and Oathbreakers.   Minx has worked hard to trust the Oathkeepers and while she isnít going to let Conner spoil that for her, she was hurt when he ran.  Conner left, only to discover he needs Minx if he wants to be happy again.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Conner learn about Minx and her family history.  Then I got see both of them work through not only their misunderstanding, but to work toward getting rid of a major enemy.  I donít want to give away anything, but I have to say that Conner deserves the title of ďheroĒ from his actions.  Celebration of the Dead is a great continuation of the Witches Knot series and a must-read for anyone following it.  If you just love vampires, then Celebration of the Dead is also for you, but donít be surprised if you go back to grab the first four books.


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