Carved from Gold by Mike Shade

Torquere Books

M/M, Fantasy, Fetish, Group Sex

ISBN: 978-1-60370-237-9, 1-60370-237-7

Reviewed by Raine



Hokonnen is a novitiate to Sint, an initiate of the Gold Shard in the Temple of Iro. Hokonnen comes to Sint with a blackness following him. Some believe he has brought evil into the temple by choice. Sint believes otherwise and sets out to prove it with their love for each other and that it can conquer this darkness. In order to make this happen, Hokonnen must submit completely to Sint, a feat that does not come easily to him.

I felt Carved from Gold almost had an underlying meaning to it. That with love all is possibly when you work together and put your complete faith into your chosen one. This story was very detailed in itís background and characters. I have to say I was pleased Mike Shade chose to write in the use of sounding and fisting. While it would not work with all stories, it fit in with the Carved from Gold characters. If you love a M/M story that is plot intensive and some uber hot man love, this book is for you.


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