Caleb's Woman by Eve Vaughn

Torrid Tarot

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Romance/ Shape shifter

ISBN: 9781419914560

Reviewed by Tanya



Sommer is going to make a giant change in her life.  She has decided to start her own catering company, and has refused all help from her family and friends.  She wants to do this all on her own and to make sure of that she won’t even take jobs from her families firm; which would have guaranteed instant success.  Prior to opening she goes with her best friend to a psychic reading and the Ace of Pentacles is the tarot card that comes up.  While Sommer does not believe in what the cards are saying, her friend does. She decides to take the advice of her friend and begins looking for a potential lover.  Too bad there is only one man that she would ever consider for that role, Caleb.  But, Caleb is a love ’em and leave ’em type of a guy and has been her confident and friend for years.  Too bad he has also been the man who has held the starring role in all of her nighttime dreams, the son of her Godfather and in some ways a big brother.

Caleb has wanted Sommer for years but has bided his time until he feels that she is ready to accept him. This is one large hurdle for him to overcome as he is the “Alpha in waiting” and she is human.  As the adopted daughter of the pack Beta she knows what Caleb is, will she accept that he is in love with her?  More importantly will she let him take on the role of her “lover” for a lifetime, no matter what the pack thinks?

Caleb’s Woman is a wonderful story about love, adoption, acceptance and determination, all rolled into one fast paced erotic offering.  I liked how Ms. Vaughn gave us a bit of the background as to how Sommer came to be living among the Wulfen, or as some may joke, raised by wolves.  I also thought she did the story justice by not making the characters go after each other when they were younger, but to let them both mature to know what they want.  I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons that Ms. Vaughn wove into the story about how over protective parents can sometimes seem suffocating.  I think Caleb’s Woman is a solid addition to the Torrid Tarot series.


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