By the Moonlight by Jaxx Steele

Dreamspinner Press

Fantasy, M/M

Reviewed by Raine



Jared and Byron had been friends for centuries. While they enjoy sharing an occasional meal and friendship, when it came to feeding their needs their tastes differ. Byron prefers to feed from males, and after a long introduction he finally succeeds in getting Jared to join him in sampling a manís favors. However, Byron wants more from Jared than they currently share and wonders if he can succeed in attaining Jaredís favors and possibly more.

Jared is so adorable as his eyes are opened to new ways of being loved that he previously missed out on with the women he had been with. Byron takes great delight in Jared not only accepting it, but is lost in the passion of it as well. By the Moonlight is a story you will not want to miss out on. Especially if you love when one of the men is experiencing hot man love for the first time!


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