Byte Marks by Mardi Ballou


Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-939-5

Reviewed by:  Vivian



Dominique is a witch who has suppressed her natural heritage.  She has a brilliant idea to start a paranormal dating service in San Francisco with her best friend Lillian.  She wants to include all the humans, weres, vampires, and ghouls.  She has asked all the local leaders to lend their support.  But Antoine, the vampire leader, does not believe vamps need help in the dating department, or that technology should factor into relationships.  So despite their mutual attraction, he refuses to help her business venture.  This motivates her even more to make this a success, without using her natural abilities.

I enjoyed Byte Marks. Antoine’s initial reluctance to help out with Dominique’s dating service just shows what a technophobe he is.  It was nice to see Dominique set him straight.  Their chemistry is smoking hot and it just leaps off the page.  Antoine and Dominique have this erotic dream sequence that is just phenomenal – you might have to break out the ice water.  Overall, Byte Marks is a great read and a nice change of pace from the typical vampire story.


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