Breathless Peaks by Adrianna Dane

Amber Heat

Contemporary Erotica

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-121-0

Reviewed by Vicki



Heidi has been given two choices. Return to the mountain that tore apart her parentís marriage. Or let her fatherís mistress inherit it all.  If she chooses to return she will have to face Kolt, the man she left ten years ago.

Kolt has been waiting for Heidi to return to show her all that she has missed, including his love.

I found the plot of Breathless Peaks to be a bit hard to believe, I must admit that I find weird clauses in wills to be unrealistic, especially clauses that place undue hardship on the heir, because no judge will enforce them.   There are a few steamy scenes on the side of the mountain that melted my computer screen though. Out of all the characters, I liked Kolt the most. He was realistic and took time to think things through before making decisions.


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