Breaking All the Rules by Monica Robinson

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-59998-858-5

Reviewed by Erys



Alacia McAllister, better known as Allie Cat, might be bartending, but sheís really a writer. At least if she can get over her writerís block and finishes another book she can continue to call herself that. In the meantime she mentors, usually male aspiring authors, on how to write stories. She has specific rules she set in place after getting burned, and hasnít broken them for any man.

Adam Carlton knows about Allieís rules. Heís not above pretending to want to write so he can get in her pants. Heís even more than willing to go along with all her rules. But when he falls hard and fast for her, and everything crashes around him, he finds himself caught in a struggle to win a court case, win Allie back, and not lose his job, while trying to stay sane and figure out what his ex is up to before she can wreck more havoc in his life.

Breaking All the Rules is an intense read that will have the reader wondering, what next? Allie and Adam are fun characters. Adam won my heart much faster than Allie. Some parts of the story made me want to sit her down and talk to her. Understandable, since sheíd been hurt in the past, but I felt she got more upset than she should have considering all the signs had been evident. I didnít like the incidences where we were given scenes from the evil exís view point. I really didnít care for Ericka, and didnít need those scenes. Her actions would have been obvious the minute they happened, and it only pulled me away from Adamís delicious story. Yes, Adam is the reason I read this from start to finish. Kudos to Monica Robinson for crafting such a delicious hero, I truly hope all her heroes are as wonderful as he is. I did like Allie for the most part, and her interactions with Adam. I hope Charlie gets a story because he certainly deserves one for losing the woman of his dreams to his best friend.


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