Borrowing Alex by Cindy Procter-King

Amber Quill Press

Comedic Romance

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-056-5

Reviewed by Tori



Nikki had the perfect plan. She would Kidnap, or borrow her fiancé's best man to convince the gun-shy groom that it is time to settle down. Nikki wants Roy to come dashing after them in a fit of jealous rage, but when days go by without even a peep she wonders if she can resist the tempting Alex anyway.

Alex, the handsome history professor, figures that Nikki has lost it. Roy has been telling him for years about how ditzy his fiancée is. Now seeing her in action, Roy may be right. When Nikki's logic starts to make sense even to Alex, he knows that his friend is going to lose the beauty that has now stolen his heart.

I really enjoyed Borrowing Alex, it was smart and funny without being overdone.  The characters do some pretty funny things in the name of love.   I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book I find by Cindy Procter-King.


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