Body and Soul by Liz Andrews & Lena Matthews 

Loose Id

Multicultural Polyamorous Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-600-2

Reviewed by Vivian



Nichelle Turner does not care what the small town folks of River Bend think about her.  She keeps her prickly persona in public, but in private she gets very naughty with the town’s former bad boy and current police officer, Terrance Walker.

Terrance has always had a thing for Nichelle and her sarcastic wit.  When his ex-partner, Alejandro Ortez comes to town after being shot, he is attracted to Nichelle as well. 

When Alejandro is invited to join the couple he does not think that a relationship like that can work. Can Nichelle and Terrance convince Alejandro to stay, body and soul?

Body and Soul is a tantalizing romance with characters that I simply fell in love with. Nichelle is a kick-ass, take no crap kind of heroine.  Terrance and Alejandro are both very alpha types, but still very relatable and likeable.  Nichelle is a very lucky woman.  Body and Soul is sexy and emotionally engrossing; readers will believe that their unusual relationship can overcome any obstacle—even small-minded townsfolk.  Body and Soul is a joy to read, and one you do not want to miss.


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