Blues by Ruby Duvall

Elloraís Cave


ISBN #9781419915543

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Hannah Williams is hanging out one night in a stylish Tokyo nightclub with her best friend, April, and knocking back drinks to drown her sadness.  In Japan, she is too tall and unappealing, not the dating type at all.  When it comes to Sex in the City, Hannah is a total miss.  Just when she is about to stagger home in a stupor, she makes eye contact with Ryo, a man so fine that sheís praying itís not beer goggles.  Everything becomes even more unbelievable when Ryo makes his move on her.  He also lets her know that they will be leaving together.  Hannah decides to take Aprilís advice to go with the moment.  She has no intention of seeing Ryo again once the night is over.   However, life is always ready to throw the unsuspecting a curve ball, or in this case, two or three.  When Hannah stumbles into a situation thatís way over her head, Ryo might be the least of her worries, provided they ever meet again.   And of course, they do.

Blues was fast-paced and steamy, beefed up with all the guns and car chases needed to make this thriller a futuristic kick to read.   Once the action charges ahead, it will make your head spin.  The sex is erotic but I didnít feel like it was meaningless lust because the descriptions pull you into Hannah and Ryoís emotions.

Both Hannah and Ryo are written as down-to-earth yet intense people harboring their fair share of insecurity and emotional baggage.  I felt that many women have been Hannah at some point in their life, dismissed and ignored while their cuter, man-magnet gal-pal seized all the attention.  Despite these concerns, Hannah manages to overcome her issues to find the confidence to forge a relationship with Ryo.  Ryo is very masculine, hotter-than-hell, and not willing to let Hannah go without a fight.   He proves that he is worthy of her trust and doesnít back down from anything, whether itís danger or his feelings. 

I found myself enjoying every winding turn of Blues until the end.  Blues is a treat from anyone who likes reading cyberpunk romance.  For those who arenít familiar with the genre, I say give it a try.  Blues would be a pleasant intro into a world that is only a few years away and filled with possibilities.   Add characters like Hannah and Ryo with loads of suspense, passionate romps, and bad guys, and you just might be converted.


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