Blame it on Fate by Christiane France

Amber Heat

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-115-9

Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Vicki



Kate and Paul Met in London when he pulled her out of the way of a double decker bus hurling down the road.  The couple found each other too hard to resist so they had a hot three-day affair that ended without them knowing how to reach each other.  Now a few months later, Paul has become a temporary law professor at Kate’s law school.  Can they come up with a way to stay together, and out of trouble because the University has strict rules about teachers and student fraternizing and they defiantly want to fraternize?

Blame it on Fate is definitely steamy and overall I did enjoy reading it. I did not understand why Kate and Paul did not talk to someone before the first class about them knowing each other. Most likely the forbidden romance aspect of it was the point of the story. The drama of it all felt false because there was a better solution that they never even considered.


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