Before Dawn by Ann Bruce

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419915000

Reviewed by Jo



Mercy Jansen works at a museum where she is currently preparing for a fundraiser, a costumed one.  While it keeps her busy, she subconsciously thinks about the visitor she has been having in her dreams.  The dreams are erotic and her dream man always manages to stay just out of her focus.  Ryan McGinnis works for some people who know that there are lots of things that go out in the night.  Things that can really hurt you -- like vampires.  Ryan was sent as protection for Mercy, but the Council is acting slowly on his reports.  

On the night of the party, Mercy comes not only face to face with the man in her dreams, but also with Ryan.  Finding out about vampires and that one is fixated on her is almost as scary as her fast attraction to Ryan.  Ryan knows that he has to keep Mercy safe, but his instant need for her is not helping him do his job.  When help becomes a setup, can Mercy and Ryan keep safe and eliminate the danger by the time the sun come up?

Before Dawn brings a vampire hunter and a potential vampire victim together with little time to defeat the vampire they have in common.  Mercy has wondered for a while now who her dream man is and why she can’t ever stay asleep long enough to see his face.  Ryan learned the hard way that vampires not only “live,” but they will kill mercilessly.  Mercy and Ryan came together with an instant attraction that exploded on touch.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching them figure out not only why Mercy had been targeted, but also how they won the night at the end.  Before Dawn is a paranormal with a vampire in it, but he is not a main character.  I have to admit that I was happy to read about a vampire who was not a good person. It's something a bit different.


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