Ash Son of the Demon God by D.J. Manly

Tarot, The Devil

eXtasy Books

M/M Paranormal Fantasy

ISBN: 1-55410-727-X

Reviewed by Ley



Born to the Lord of the Underworld, Abbadon and daughter of the Sky ruler, Forsythia, Ash was known as a fierce warrior and seducer before the age of eighteen.  His fatherís people, the Incubus, were already known enemies with the Sun people, but when Abbadon took Forsythia against her fatherís wishes, the Sky people also became enemies to the Incubus.  Joining forces with the Sun people, the Sky ruler banished Abbadon and the Incubus people to the Underworld.

Now eighteen, Ash becomes the catalyst in Abbadonís plan to bring his people above ground once again.  Ashís mission is to become the prisoner of the Sun King and seduce him in order for his father to carry out the rest of his plan.  Ash was not prepared for the powerful attraction he feels for Rush, the beautiful Sun King and his captor.

Ash Son of the Demon God is very interesting.  D.J. Manly created a sexually charged story that passionately entwines pagan religion, fantasy, and mythology.  Ash and Rush are opposites in every way. They are literally night and day, the pure and the debauched, but ironically they are perfect together.  Along with their opposites they do have similarities.  They are both strong warriors fighting for their people and their greatest similarity is the strong attraction they have for each other.  Lovers of fantasy and stories with a mythological tone settle in for a few quiet hours with a copy of Ash Son of the Demon God.  You are going to love it.


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