A Rake’s Redemption by Maureen Mackey

Sequel to Rosalinda’s Revenge

Awe-Struck E-books

Regency Romance

ISBN: 978-1-58749-681-3

Reviewed by Cassie



Lord Harry Montague is a rake and a wastrel.  He spends all his time gambling and going to parties rather than thinking about his family or future.  Then his father, the Marquess of Merlton, arrives in London just as he rescues a stray dog from being hit by a cart on a whim.  Before Harry knows what hit him, he’s in his father’s carriage with his new dog, on the way to the family estate.  He fights his father every step of the way, especially when he finds out that the man wants him to marry a neighboring squire’s daughter for land and money.  With the help of his valet, he hatches a scheme to make her not want to marry him.

Prudence Culpepper knows her father and the Marquess want her to marry Lord Harry to join their estates, but she has no intention of marrying a rake.  Once she meets Harry, she’s even more determined not to marry him.  She much prefers the restrained admiration of an army lieutenant who has been courting her.  When Harry lets her in on his scheme, she plays along willingly—but will their pretense become something more?

A Rake’s Redemption was my first foray into ebook Regencies.  Harry starts the story as the typical Regency rake, only concerned with gambling, drinking, and all that.  He’s estranged from his father and older brother, although the reasons for the estrangement aren’t well-explained.  As the story progressed, he slowly began to understand and even embrace his responsibilities, which was a welcome change.  Prudence is a traditional smart, well-off, and nearly-on-the-shelf miss.  I liked her feistiness and the fact that she didn’t fall all over Harry.  The conflict between Harry and Prudence, as well as their slow change of heart toward one another, held my interest.  Unfortunately, both characters’ reactions to a conflict that began near the end of the story didn’t ring true for me, and the ending didn’t either.  Despite this flaw, however, I did enjoy the story.  I would like to read Rosalinda’s Revenge to see if some of the reasons for Harry’s behavior are explained.  If you like Regencies, love/hate relationships, and sweet romances, you will probably like this story.


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