Aquamarine by Sara Bell

Torquere Press

M/M Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60370-308-6

Reviewed by Tanya



College football player Derek seems to have it all: an award-winning football career, a supportive family and best friend, and a steady boyfriend.  The only thing that doesn’t seem to fit is that his best friend and his family can’t seem to stand his boyfriend.  But they have always supported him and will continue to do so.  What will happen when his promising football career is cut short by a game-ending injury?  It will force Derek to reevaluate his whole life.  More importantly, it just might bring to light some things that he hasn’t realized about not only his best friend, but also his boyfriend.  You will have to read Aquamarine to see how this story plays out.

What is the first thing I think about when reflecting on Aquamarine by Sara Bell? “Sigh, what a love story.”  The fact that this super sexy gay man does not hide his relationships is a nice addition, especially for a football player.  The love scenes were erotic and spicy, as well as tender.  If you are looking for a wonderful love story and M/M is what you like, you will want Aquamarine for your collection.


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